Perhaps nothing in the world is changing and evolving at such an incredible speed as the IT and technology sector. This accelerating pace of change and exponentially evolving industry requires not only the legal environment, but also the legal practitioners to constantly adapt.

Our firm believes that it is also the responsibility of lawyers to adapt to changing situations through continuous learning, to know and use the latest technological and IT innovations and opportunities, as only in this way can they provide effective and up-to-date responses to their clients.

Our staff therefore know and understand the problems and needs of the IT industry.

Our main services:

  • IT legal contract systems
  • software development contracts
  • legal support for web shops and e-shops (GTCs, regulations)
  • legal review of websites
  • GDPR, data protection and data security legal advice
  • know-how transactions
  • licensing rights
  • legal support for start-up companies
  • e-commerce related legal regulations




JTK&Partners | 2021.09.13.

Our law firm is one the main sponsors of the most prestigious event of the Hungarian film world, the CINEFEST Miskolc - International Film Festival, which is held for the seventeenth time.

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The magic weapon of influencers - or how to organise an online prize draw?

The magic weapon of influencers - or how to organise an online prize draw?

JTK&Partners | 2021.09.03.

In online social media, we`ve all come across sweepstakes or promotions that might make you think that raffling off a gift or launching a new campaign among your followers is as easy as posting a post on your page. But the legal framework for prize draws is more nuanced than that.

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