More and more operators want to protect their services, products or even their company name, thus protecting their brand. Our staff are ready to help our clients to secure their intellectual property by filing a trademark application as soon as possible.

A trademark is a legal protection used to identify the origin of goods and services. By filing a trademark application, the name, logo, slogan of a product or service can be protected.


A sign registered as a trademark may be used lawfully only by the proprietor of the trade mark. In this context, the proprietor of a trade mark may take action against anyone who uses the sign identical or similar to the trade mark in the course of his business without authorisation. The proprietor does not have to prove genuine use in the event of a dispute.


Our office can assist you with national and EU or international trademark registration procedures.


Why is it good to have a trademark?

Why is it good to have a trademark?

JTK&Partners | 2021.05.12.

Have you ever thought about protecting your logo from unauthorised use and copying, but don`t know how to get started, how much it costs or what the exact procedure is?

We can help. A brief overview of the trademark.

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Vágj bele! Kezdj saját Üzletbe!

Vágj bele! Kezdj saját Üzletbe!

JTK&Partners | 2017.08.02.

„Miért is nem fogok saját vállalkozásba? Miért használom arra a tudásomat és idõmet, hogy másnak termeljek hasznot?! Olvastam a srácról a Forbesban, ha neki bejött lehet nekem is mûködne?”
Ezek a kérdések bizonyára már benned is felmerültek. Azonban ahogy a legtöbben a kezdeti ötletelésen túl sosem léptél a tettek mezejére.

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