The energy sector has undergone, and is undergoing, a very dynamic development.

The optimum use of energy resources, the promotion and significant market expansion of renewable energy production, and the entry of foreign investors into the market are trends to which both the legislative processes and the market players and investors have had to adapt dynamically.

The business trends we are experiencing, in particular acquisitions and entry into new energy industries, present our partners with a complex and challenging task. Due to the complexity of the tasks, the preparation and implementation of certain projects require serious preparation, complex audit analysis, precise and rapid task resolution and the joint involvement of several experts.

Our firm has particular expertise and experience in the field of energy law, particularly in the field of electricity, and in particular in the field of renewable energy sources.

In the field of energy law, our firm primarily provides the following services:

  • legal auditing of project preparation tasks, possibly complex audits with the assistance of external experts
  • legal advice on the construction and operation of renewable energy power plants
  • legal audit and implementation of M&A transactions in the sector
  • creation of the contractual environment for the implementation of projects
  • representation in licensing and quota procedures before the MEKH, and in official procedures before the Environmental Protection and Construction Authority
  • legal advice on the promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy sources, in particular the compulsory purchase scheme (KÁT, METÁR)
  • legal representation in disputes which may arise




JTK&Partners | 2021.09.13.

Our law firm is one the main sponsors of the most prestigious event of the Hungarian film world, the CINEFEST Miskolc - International Film Festival, which is held for the seventeenth time.

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The magic weapon of influencers - or how to organise an online prize draw?

The magic weapon of influencers - or how to organise an online prize draw?

JTK&Partners | 2021.09.03.

In online social media, we`ve all come across sweepstakes or promotions that might make you think that raffling off a gift or launching a new campaign among your followers is as easy as posting a post on your page. But the legal framework for prize draws is more nuanced than that.

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