The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the short name for the Regulation on the protection of personal data and on the free movement of such data adopted by the European Union and the Council. The reason why it's on tap is that it is mandatory in all EU Member States, including Hungary.

The introduction and application of appropriate data protection measures is practically compulsory for a business company or a local authority, for which the right specialist is indispensable.

Our GDPR team consists of legal, IT, and data protection professionals in order to support our clients with a full data protection due diligence, proposal and document package. Our services range from the smallest sole trader, through local authorities, to multinational companies.

Since the GDPR regulation came into force, we have been working with our clients to ensure that all sectors of their organisation are operating in compliance with the current data protection rules.

The GDPR compliance obligation extends to all economic operators that have:

  • employees,
  • customers,
  • website,
  • email address,
  • social media page,
  • suppliers, subcontractors,
  • camera system, or
  • a prize draw.

Our services with regard to GDPR sector:

  • complete data protection audits
  • data protection policies
  • data protection notices
  • Interest assessment tests and impact assessments
  • camera regulation
  • employee and customer consent forms
  • web, website, webshop GDPR compliance audit and compliance
  • sweepstakes policies
  • proceedings before the NAIH
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) duties




JTK&Partners | 2021.09.13.

Our law firm is one the main sponsors of the most prestigious event of the Hungarian film world, the CINEFEST Miskolc - International Film Festival, which is held for the seventeenth time.

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The magic weapon of influencers - or how to organise an online prize draw?

The magic weapon of influencers - or how to organise an online prize draw?

JTK&Partners | 2021.09.03.

In online social media, we`ve all come across sweepstakes or promotions that might make you think that raffling off a gift or launching a new campaign among your followers is as easy as posting a post on your page. But the legal framework for prize draws is more nuanced than that.

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