For foreign companies, Hungary is not only an ideal place to invest and do business, it is also an enjoyable place to live and stay for long-term.

Our law firm is currently the domestic legal partner of many international companies supporting their successful operations and businesses in Hungary.

Our role is to be the partner that helps you make the right decisions and provides direction in an unfamiliar regulatory environment.

fauxels fotója a Pexels oldalárólFOREIGN INVESTORS

We provide legal assistance for EU and third-country nationals in the purchase of real estate, the successful completion of the related regulatory approval procedures, and the successful implementation of foreign investment plans.

  • bilingual contracts
  • licensing procedures
  • legal control of real estate investments
  • auditing investment plans
  • relocation services



As an EU Member State, the possibility of international trade and cross-border business has opened up for many domestic businesses.


Our firm focuses on international trade law and provides services to companies with business partners abroad who are actively involved in the European business community. In this environment, it is essential that businesses are aware of the relevant EU regulations, international trade conventions and standards and customs, and to monitor contracts, which are typically in English.


 Our specialities:

  • drafting bilingual contracts and documents
  • international standards control
  • liaising with foreign partners' decision-makers and lawyers
  • representation in business negotiations
  • international transport contracts




JTK&Partners | 2021.09.13.

Our law firm is one the main sponsors of the most prestigious event of the Hungarian film world, the CINEFEST Miskolc - International Film Festival, which is held for the seventeenth time.

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The magic weapon of influencers - or how to organise an online prize draw?

The magic weapon of influencers - or how to organise an online prize draw?

JTK&Partners | 2021.09.03.

In online social media, we`ve all come across sweepstakes or promotions that might make you think that raffling off a gift or launching a new campaign among your followers is as easy as posting a post on your page. But the legal framework for prize draws is more nuanced than that.

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